A skin possum in its natural habitat.

Skin Possums are small, possum-like creatures. Skin Possums live in the forests of Korrick, and a few other places. They are tree dwelling mammals with bald skin all over. They have opposable thumbs, allowing them to easily swing between the branches of trees, and even use some very rudimentary tools.

Genetic testing at the Academy of Nature has shown that they are the human race's closest living evolutionary relative. A savannah dwelling species dubbed "Possum Man" is considered the "missing link" between ancient skin possums and humans, but these Possum Men have since gone extinct and are only known from fossils.

The existence of possum men was recorded in the ancient history texts of Zansk, a Korrickian city. They were described by the great biologist Nero as having "A hunched posture, prehensile tail, and two eyes facing forward on their heads. Standing about four feet tall, they also have very long legs and look much like Skin Possums except for the height and flattened snout."

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