A swarm of Qazi incinerating a crop field.


It is said that looking into the eyes of a Qazi will cause agony.

Qazi are a vicious species of insect that are known for incinerating crop fields and sometimes devouring humans. They tend to gather in swarms and burn anything they can find in order to feed on the ash. While their primary food source is ash, they are also carnivorous. They will eat any type of animal unless it is poisonous to them.

Qazi are generally believed to originate from the fire biomes of Alvalpa, although they have spread to many locations. They are very afraid of water, so people in areas with Qazi infestations cary flasks of water around.

The Tale of the Elemental Wizard suggests that the Qazi were created by a benevolent Elemental Wizard using the life trinket, and were corrupted by hatred. It is far more likely that they simply evolved along with the other species of Alvalpa.

It is said that if one looks deep into the eyes of a Qazi, they will be in agony.