Dorcas Port

About forty-five gleks south of Djornt lies the thriving island town of Dorcas Port, a trade hub famous for utilizing fleets of the native Dragoons to


The flag of Dorcas Port

ship goods. The Dragoons, once thought by early settlers to be ruthless predators, were soon discovered to be opportunistic scavengers with a rather amicable nature. It wasn't long before the Dragoon Riders of Dorcas Port became the first aerial delivery service in the world.

Local sayings Edit

"Will somebody who is good at drawing PLEASE draw what Dorcas Port and the Dragoons would look like?" - An old Dorcas Port saying/greeting.

It is customary to reply to this with "I'm terrible at drawing, so count me out." or, less commonly, "I'll try to draw it", followed by a heavy sigh.

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