Canjon is a country in Taurica.

In Canjon, yellow fireworks are made from Gorwax Powder. Green fireworks are made with sparkle grass and red fireworks are made with runide.

Tea Edit

Canjon tea is otherworld famous, and comes in countless varieties. Blue tea, classic tea and joy tea are popular favourites, but there are many more, such as skunk tea, firecracker tea, skull tea and feather tea. The tea leaves are grown in enormous quantities on the Tea Mountains. Tea leaves are even thrown into the mountains' many hotsprings to create an extraordinarily soothing bath.

Fireworks Edit

Fireworks are quite popular in Taurica, and were first invented in Canjon approximately 10,000 years ago.

Popular Sayings Edit

"It is better to be a kind, strong beetle than it is to be a weak-willed man."

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